Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Volunteering hands

As we really start to get into the holiday season, it is easy for us to forget that not everyone has it as good as we do.  We are lucky enough to have access to a great education and family and friends that love us.  An easy way to remind yourself of how lucky you are during the holidays is the volunteer!  There are many opportunities to volunteer during the Christmas season.  You can help out at a local soup kitchen, or volunteer to help run a school play.  There are countless opportunities out there if you just do a little internet research.

CVS has some great events in the works that students can participate in right here on campus this year.  Keep your eyes out for more details coming soon.  Until then we hope that you have a great couple of weeks and we look forward to volunteering with you soon!


Volunteering Opportunity

What: Milwaukee Rescue Mission’s Volunteer Saturday

When: November 10th 9:00am-11:00pm

Where: Meet in front of the CC at 8:30 – transportation will be provided to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission

Why should I volunteer at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission?

In Milwaukee, when men or mothers with children need a hot meal, a warm, safe bed, or a place to put their lives back together, they come to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. We are here to provide care and support to people who are in need. Our departments that deliver comprehensive programs include:

  • Safe Harbor, the Mission’s refuge for homeless, hurting men.
  • Joy House, our place of safety and support for homeless mothers with children.
  • Cross Trainers Academy, a K-6th grade Christian school for at-risk children in the city of Milwaukee.

For more information about the Milwaukee Rescue Mission visit their website.

For more information about the upcoming event and to sign up email Shannon Jones at

New Year, New Opportunity

Welcome back everyone!

With each new school year there is plenty around campus to get excited about.  There are loads of free social activities going on, lots of free food all around campus, and plenty of opportunity to feel like you belong here on campus.  One of the best ways to meet new people and feel that sense of belonging in your community is through volunteer work.  We have some pretty cool events planned for this school year and we’re really excited to meet all of our new members.  Take a look around our site and see what we’re all about.

If you’re not already subscribed to the VOL list at MSOE make sure you do that so that you never miss on opportunity to be involved!